In term of using tire, when do we need to check the tire and how to check it to ensure the safety for vehicle as well as maintaining the durability of tire

Tire is one of the most important accessories of the vehicle, there are some tips to help Customer operates the vehicle assured


  • Check the tire pressure 2 times per month before they are heated up and loading (low tire pressure is the biggest enemy of tires)
  • Maintaining the specified tire pressure of manufacturer (noted directly on tire)
  • Inflating the tire sequently, included the spare wheel, and please note that the spare tire pressure need to be higher than the others.
  • Check tires regularly to ensure there is no nail or external object could lead to collapsibility
  • Check the wheel alignment regularly to ensure the wheels is aligned as specified (if it’s not, it leads to uneven and faster wear of tire and the vehicle pulls to one side)
  • Inspect and rotate your tires to avoid uneven wear of tires and to prolong tire life (should rotate every 6000km)
  • Make sure you use the same size and type tires of the same manufacturer on all wheels (ensure the safety and prolong tire life)
  • If there are any abnormal symptom with your tires, have the system check at the nearest Dealer of Daehan Motors.

Do not:

  • Use the used after-market tires (old tires could become unsafe)
  • Use the abrasive cleaner or oild-contain chemical products to wash the tires.
  • Pile the heavy object on tires. It could affect the appearance and quality of the tires. Maximum 10 tires/pile. Storage duration is not exceed 3 years or specified duration according to requirement of manufacturer.



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