Cautions for safety operation?

While operating the vehicle, please kindly follow these points to ensure the safety of the vehicle as well as the occupants.

  • Do not drive the vehicle in very high speed, especially when the vehicle is going downhill.
  • Caution: if there are the strange noise or smell while driving, need to stop immediately, switch off and define the reason.
  • When the light system or indicator are malfunction, need to stop the engine and define the reason.
  • Avoid accelerating or using brake suddenly if unnecessary.
  • Do not place your foot on clutch pedal if not shifting gears. 
  • When the vehicle is driving up steep hills, you should downshift the gear to release the load to the engine (avoid overload on engine)
  • When the vehicle is driving down steep hills, downshifting provides a safe speed and prolongs the life span of brake system.
  • When the vehicle going across the shallow river or deep pond, please pay extra attention to prevent the extremely damage from taking up the water into đường khí nạp. After acrossing the water, need to check the brake and clutch fluid if there have water or not. If they have, need to replace the current fluid by the new one after washing out its containers.
  • Paying extra attention when operate the vehicle in heavy rain or across the dry river. Wet brake can work unsufficiently.
  • Turning off the engine while the vehicle is running is not allowed. If the engine stops, brake assist force and steering assist force cannot work, it lead to the decreasing on brake and steer effect, can cause the unsafety situation.



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