Warranty Policy


This policy is applicable for new vehicle manufactured by Daehan Motors and sold to the market through our authorized dealers & showroom, which are registered in accordance with Vietnam law.


This policy includes repairing, adjusting or replacing new spare parts for damages occurred due to default of materials or manufacturer's assembly process during warranty period.


Your vehicle (except for non-warranty items or special warranty items that clearly stated in Warranty limit section) is under the warranty of 24 months or 100km whatever come first, since the date of delivery to first end-user. This warranty is only applied for the vehicle owner who is the end-user.

Daehan Motors apply free labor fee for regular maintenance & checking according to the manufacturer’s checking list at below period:

        1st maintenance: 1.500km                                                 2nd maintenance: 5.000km                 

        3rd maintenance: 10.000km                                              4th maintenance: 15.000km


In order to be beneficial to Daehan Motors/s warranty service, please kindly follow the below regulations:

  • Fully fill in the Warranty Registration Sheet & send to Aftersales service Dept. of Daehan Motors as regulated.

  • Customers need to take your vehicle to Teraco Dealer for regular maintenance as instructed in Owner’s manual.

  • Do not repair or replace spareparts which are not supplied & consulted by Daehan Motors or our authorized dealers/Service center.

  • Genuine spare parts & lubricant should be used as Daehan Motors’s recommendation.

  • Any self-reparing/installation as well as not following the stated regulations will lead to warranty rejection from Daehan Motors.

All warranty items during warranty period will be repaired or replaced free of charge (including labor cost & spare parts) at all Daehan Motors’s service centers.

The vehicle which is under warranty period must follow below regulations:

  • Demaged parts must be in warranty period as regulated.
  • Customers must bring this warranty book with details of previous regular maintenance notice as regulated when coming to the service center for warranty.

Mileage at delivery

The odometer of the vehicle often has several kilometers at delivery time because of production testing process, transportation to dealers and parking arrangement at dealer. Therefore, dealer should note this mileage on warranty registration sheet at delivery time. In order to ensure full warranty benefit for customers, this kilometer will be added to the warranty kilometer.


  1. Non-warranty items

The below items are listed as non-warranty items:

  • Brake Shoe, clutch disc, T bearing of clutch, wiper blade, brush holder, fuse.
  • Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, Air Conditioner filter and connection wire in outside.
  • Lidquid, lubricant oil
  • Gaskets except gasket of cylinder head.
  • Rubber hose & pipe and rubber parts .
  • Bolts , nuts.
  • Bulbs.
  • Mark Labels , windshield, window glass, Mirror, seat cushion .
  1. Non-warranty cases
  • Damage caused by improper maintenance: using not genuine spare parts that provided by company, repair and maintenance at places which are not authorized by company. Using wrong fuel, lubricating oil, brake coolant, power steering oil and additives. Non-compliance or failure to perform routine maintenance during the warranty period.
  • Damage caused by external factors such as: collision, flying stone, floods, natural disasters or salt water, acid rain, hail, tree sap, chemicals, accidents...
  • Damage caused by natural wear, scratched paint ...
  • Reduced natural values: Vehicles is worn, discolored, vibration, noise, distortion caused by the natural process of using.
  • Damage that does not identify the number of kilometers were run, broken speedometer or signs of  changing kilometers number on odometer.
  • Other damages caused by the user.
  • Expenses incurred during the warranty period: Cost of towing, telephone expenses, hotel, car rental cost, the cost of taking the car into the workshop, the cost of the economic losses caused by unused vehicle and other costs incurred not yet stated here.
  • Damage caused by traffic accidents not covered by warranty.
  • Overload the allowed design load of the vehicle
  • Arbitrarily change of the structure and original overall composition manufactory by Daehan Motors.
  1. Special warranty items

The following parts will be warranted by the manufacturer's parts. Daehan Motors dealer will support to contact direct  manufacturer of parts to perform warranty to customers.


  • According to the tire manufacturer's warranty regulation.


  • According to the Battery manufacturer's warranty regulation.
  1. Warranty-limit items

Parts are listed below enjoy separate warranty within 24 months or 100,000km from the date of delivery whichever comes first because the technical characteristics of perishable because routine use & environment.

Engine: All component parts including Engine will be warranted 24 months or 100,000 Km whichever come first.


  1. Engine  breakdown caused by customers' mistakes
  2. Breakdown caused by not replacing oil, filter, air cleaner and lack of coolant management
  3. Breakdown caused by remodeling e/g by customer 
  4. In case of externally installing parts
  5. In case of arbitrary installation of fuel reduction device, intercooler, and turbo
  6. Breakdown caused by lack of coolant
  7. Damage caused by accidents

Transmission: Internal components including Transmission  will be warranted 24 months or 100,000 Km whichever come first


  1. Damage caused by accidents
  2. Lack of oil management
  3. Period of oil change and of oil change which is not regulated 

Chassis: All component parts of CHASSIS (Shock absorber, link, arm, spring, front  axle, rear axle…)

Parts will be warranted limited 12 months or 20,000 Km whichever come first (excepted: seal, gasket & shim)



  1. Breakdown or deformation caused by accidents.

InteriorMalfunction of all products of INTERIOR. Parts will be warranted limited 12 months or 20,000 Km whichever come first.


  1. Damage caused by accidents
  2. Externally attached accessories

ExteriorMalfunction of all products of EXTERIOR. . Parts will be warranted limited 12 months or 20,000 Km whichever come first.


  1. Damage caused by accidents
  2. Discoloration and bleaching
  3. Exterior remodeling installation



  1. Normal maintenance service: Lubrication, filter, anti-freeze coolant
  2. Damage or failure resulting from negligence of proper maintenance as required in the Owner's manual and use of parts other than GENUINE Parts

Others Parts: all remaining parts will be warranted 12 months or 20,000 Km ( except above warranted  content)  

  1. Repairing spare parts
  • Genuine parts replaced at Daehan Motors authorized service workshop, paid by customers, will be warrantied within 06 months or 10,000km whatever comes first, since the replacing date noted on repairing sheet.
  • Replacing parts under warranty of new vehicle are not under warranty policy.
  • Spare parts that customers buy and self-replace at non-Daehan Motors workshop will not enjoy part warranty policy.
  • In order to receive the warranty benefit, customers take responsibility to keep all related documents (repairing sheet, invoice…) for all part replacing time.
  1. After warranty period

If your vehicle faces any problem after warranty time, you are recommended to bring it to Daehan Motors’s authorized service center for checking to ensure the quality of service.


When the vehicle operates in severe weather condition as below, the maintenance & checking should be more regular than stated maintenance period

  • The vehicle works at dusty construction area, salty environment like seashore area or flood prone area.
  • Mountainous & slippery area.
  • Cold climate.
  • Engine operates with non-loading status in long time or runs short distance in cold weather.
  • Using brake usually and suddenly, especially in crowded city.
  • Pulling trailer.
  • Taxi or rental vehicle.
  • More than 50% time of continuous operating in heavy traffic with environment temperature above 32 degree
  • More than 50% running at 100km/h or above, with environment temperature above 30 degree or above.
  • Frequent over-loading condition.



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