Daehan Motors is specialized in manufacturing, assembling and providing the variety of trucks, especially light - duty trucks with high quality and reasonable price. With slogan “Strengthen your power”, Daehan Motors expects to be a leading truck supplier and become a trusted partner of customers in Vietnam.

“Strenthen your power” – is our slogan and introduction message that we want to deliver to our customer. It express the powerful engine that optimizes the transportation efficiency and benefit to develope your business as well as your living standard.

Moreover, with “Strengthen your power”, we want to affirm that Daehan Motors not only provide the best product of Korean brand but also support users to make them feel the convenience, confidence and safe by modern design besides the power of belief and pride behind the steering wheel thanks to full of useful features.

Daehan Motors always try to discover the deep insight of Customer to innovating our product and make it becomes your best transportation solution. We want to be the partner of the success of your business as well as enhancing your living standard.


Daehan Motors officially put its factory, which is located in Hoa Phu Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City, into operation. The factory covers an area of 132,442 m2, maximum capacity is 20,000 products per year. This factory was invested modern facility, professional production procedure in order to control and ensure high quality output, Daehan Motors commits to meet the highest demand of customers.

Moreover, the quality of human resource is also the first priority of Daehan Motors. With high qualification and workmanship team of engineers and workers, Daehan Motors confidents on developing and manufacturing the best products in light truck segment.


Various kinds of product, support your business at its best

Daehan Motors is distributing these following models: TERA 190, TERA 230 and TERA 240 which have powerful and durable engine, spacious cabin with modern design. Products of Daehan Motors are the trusted loading partner of drivers.

Convenient & Prompt After - sales Service

At Daehan Motors, we always make a great effort to provide the best service for customers. Daehan Motors also focuses on developing the system of Authorized Service Center nationwide to provide after-sales service at the fastest and the most convenient manner.

Especially, Daehan Motors decided to put the 24/7 mobile service on operation nationwide in order to support the customer quickly whenever they meet the damage, hence bring to driver peace of mind feeling.

Extensive distribution system, expanded continuously

Daehan Motors focuses on developing its distribution channels all over the nation to facilitate customers in approaching, testing drive and being loyal customers of Daehan Motors.

Recently, Daehan Motors has been building its distribution system nationally, prioritizes in potential provinces and cities which have great demand on transportation, to provide selling activities, after-sales services and spare parts supply. Depending on the development of each area, Daehan Motors will choose the suitable investment strategy for each Dealer: 3S (Sales – After Sales – Spare Parts), 2S (After Sales – Spare Parts), 1S (Sales). We know that a good strategy can help Daehan Motors expand its coverage and appearance along the country, optimize business outcome as well as increasing brand awareness and improving customer services.

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