Teraco vehicles display event in Ha Tinh province announcement

Following the success of previous event, Dung Lac Dealer - one of the official Authorized Dealers of Daehan Motors is going to organize the next “Teraco Vehicles Display Event" to approach more customers. Here is the information of event:

+ Time: 7am – 5pm on August 19 & 20, 2017

+ Location: Truong Tho Hotel, Ky Anh, Ha Tinh Province

+ Display vehicles: Tera 190; Tera 230; Tera 240

All the customers will be experienced all the functions, features of Teraco vehicles as well as consulted about the suitable trucks that meet the bussiness demand, usage purpose and finance situation.


-          Introduce Teraco vehicles: Tera 190; Tera 230; Tera 240

-          Experience and be consulted about products

-          Review Teraco vehicles and get chance of receiving gift

For more information, please contact HOTLINE: 0917.111.346.



Kinh doanh: 0902.409.909

Dịch vụ: 0968.103.030