Daehan Motors start the "Loading Happiness" project

Since putting the factory in Cu Chi district into operation, Daehan Motors has created the project “Loading happiness” in order to provide a better living standard to society. The journey started with a warm visit to see the Heroic Mothers. The journey continues by coming to the Phuoc Hiep primary school to present an advanced water filter system to all of students and teachers there.


The “Loading happiness” journey has officially started in 1/9/2016 by visitting the Heroic Mothers in Phuoc Hiep province, Cu Chi district, where is considered as one of the areas that experienced the most painful losts after the war. 




With the spirit of “when you drink water, remember its source”, “Loading Happiness” project gave to these Mothers the supportive allowance and present packages to express gratitude. This meaning journey had helped Daehan Motors teams to have an opportunity to give thanks for the huge sacrifice of Mothers as well as contribute for social responsible activities. 



After that, the journey of “Loading Happiness” has continued to bring joys to all students of Phuoc Hiep Primary school at Cu Chi district by giving them the modern water filter system. This system has been prepared by Daehan Motors to meet the first day of school and we was very glad to be able to handover this system in this very important day, September 5. We are very proud of this project cause this is the honor chance of Daehan Motors to contribute for the better health of our next generation. From now on, all students of Phuoc Hiep Primary school would have the clean and safe water source for free. 




Besides, at this first day of school, these students were also presented 900 water bottle and purple balloon, the color code of “Loading Happiness” project. We hope that it would be a unforgettable surprise in the first day of school of all students.




At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Hai Trung – Chairman of Daehan Motors has shared: “Since putting the factory in Cu Chi district into operation, Daehan Motors has started the project “Loading Happiness” with many social supportive activities. And today, continuing our journey of our project, we would like to carry out the water filter system assembling as a gift to all students and teachers at Phuoc Hiep Primary school, in order to encourage all member of school to have the successful and grateful school year 2016 - 2017.  Following the very first activities, we - Daehan Motors members - promise to maintain and spread out the spirit of “Loading Happiness” to all of areas in Vietnam.”  


With every single deed, we have committed to create more social activities at larger scale accross all regions of Vietnam to promote the humane purpose of our “Loading Happiness” journey.



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